The One Who Love Us Never Really Leave Us

Once Upon A Time there was A misfit living at Downton Abbey

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I do not want in my dash any of the naked pictures of those poor actresses that have been hacked by some mean creature, because I do not think we can call him human, so as soon as I see someone that reblogs a picture of them I will automatically unfollow them.

Show a ittle bit of respect, what would you think if those were the pics of someone you know, you would like to protect them, so please let’s stop this from spreading.

Lastly, I want to say that blaming the victims for having naked pictures of temselves in their computers, because that is like saying ‘she was rape because she was wearing a short dress, it’s her fault’. A woman is entitled to do what she wants, so please respecto their privacy, and stop reblogging those horrible pictures, that are destroying those women.


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